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Crystal Synergy Crystal Synergy:

An all natural composition of powdered crystals and gemstones. When topically applied, Crystal Synergy works with your body's own energy to alleviate painful discomfort caused by interruptions to the body's natural energy flow patterns.

1.7 oz Jar - $22.95
4 oz Jar - $39.95
16 oz Tub - $99.95

Chakra Balancing Chakra Balancing Cream:

An All natural composition of powdered crystals and gemstones. When topically applied to all seven chakra's:

  • It provides greater clarity, focus and a state of relaxation.
  • It promotes balance and harmony.
  • It is excellent for meditation.
1.7 oz Jar - $22.95

Second Wind Crystal Synergy Second Wind:

After years of research, we’ve developed a custom formula utilizing a very specific combination of crystals and gemstones that allows the body to balance itself and recover quickly from respiratory stresses

Second wind helps with the following:

  • Increase stamina and endurance
  • Fights fatigue
  • Quick respiratory recovery
  • Relaxed breathing
  • Like having a 3rd lung
1.7 oz Jar - $22.95

Crystals & Silk - Hand & Body Cream Crystals & Silk - Hand & Body Cream:

This luxurious cream contains special micro-crystals to firm, tone, and moisturize. It also contains hydrolyzed silk to smooth, soften and condition your skin.

8 oz Jar - $34.95

Special Pet Formula Crystal Synergy Special Pet Formula:

An all natural composition of select powdered crystals & gemstones for animals. When topically applied it works with your pets own energy to alleviate their painful discomforts which are caused by interruptions to their natural energy flow patterns.

1.7 oz Jar - $22.95



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